Samyang 135mm f/1.8 AF: 6-months Short Term Review

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Samyang AF 135/1.8 FE  ✅


Introduction to Samyang 135mm F1.8 AF Lens

This key point introduces the Samyang 135mm F1.8 AF lens. It highlights the speaker's experience of using the lens for almost six months and expresses enthusiasm for its performance and value.

Superior Performance Compared to Other Lenses

The speaker compares the Samyang 135mm F1.8 lens to other prime lenses of similar focal length, such as the 55mm and 85mm 1.8 lenses. They emphasize that the 135mm lens offers a unique and magical feeling, particularly for shooting portraits, thanks to its creamy bokeh.

Creamy Bokeh and Sharpness in Portraits

This key point discusses the lens's ability to produce creamy bokeh and its effect on portraits. The speaker mentions that the lens is highly regarded among portrait photographers for its ability to separate the subject from the background, resulting in more focused and visually appealing portraits.

Astrophotography Capabilities

The speaker highlights the lens's suitability for astrophotography, mentioning that it meets the requirements for sharpness and clarity. They also mention an additional astroboot feature that can be explored in another video.

Unique Perspective in Landscapes

This key point discusses how telephoto lenses, like the Samyang 135mm F1.8, provide a more unique perspective compared to ultra-wide-angle lenses. It mentions that if space is available, this lens can offer a dramatic effect in landscape photography.

Size, Weight, and Material Quality

The speaker comments on the size and weight of the lens, noting that it is expectedly large but not overly heavy. They mention that the materials used, including plastic and rubber, still provide a premium feel to the lens.

Comparison with Sony 135mm GM Lens

This key point compares the Samyang 135mm F1.8 lens with the Sony 135mm GM lens. It mentions the programmable switches and buttons of the Samyang lens, which require separate accessories for configuration. The speaker expresses a desire for these accessories to be included with the lens.

Instant and Reliable Focus

The speaker shares their real-life experience with the lens, stating that it didn't disappoint them in terms of focus. They highlight the lens's ability to focus instantly and emphasize the beautiful bokeh it produces.

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